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Paul of City,City Verified Reviewer Original review: Jan. 8, 2019

Ordered a bedroom set that they had to deliver on two separate occasions because of back order. Bed came first with foot completely damaged, obviously not checked at all before delivering or damaged en route. They delivered the second piece with a replacement from the bed foot, but now the dresser arrived damaged. Was told we would get a replacement in 3 weeks. Instead they sent a technician who arrived with a drill in hand. He took one look at the dresser and told us what we already obviously knew, that the drawers were all warped. Thanks… We can see that with our own eyes. Then told it would take 2-3 weeks to replace the damaged drawers.

Randy of Ballwin, MO Verified Reviewer Original review: Jan. 8, 2019

We purchased a recliner with a ‘lift motor’ for our father in 2016. He was 88 then, and now he is 90. The handheld controller broke and we spent 2-3 days trying to arrange a replacement. Finally, ordered one and it will be 2-3 weeks before it gets in. I was just told these chairs are NOT certified as ‘medical chairs’. Ergo, our 90 year old father will have to risk falling or be helped up for the next 2-3 weeks, or until the replacement controller arrives. We won’t buy another Ashley lift chair.

Shirette of Milwaukee, WI Verified Reviewer Original review: Jan. 8, 2019

I purchased a bedroom set from Ashley Furniture store located at 4771 S 27th St., Greenfield, WI 53220. When I received my bedroom set the dresser and the bed railing was scratched and chipped. So I called to get a replacement and, I spoke to someone on the Care team and, he promised me a refund for my delivery charge. I never received the refund so a week later I called about the refund and, I was told it was never noted and it never happened. So, I spoke with a manager ** and, she did get me my refund and she returned all of my calls. ** was the most helpful person that I talked to at Ashley’s. Thank you **!

Jacinto of Hesperia, CA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer Original review: Jan. 7, 2019

On December 18th, our furniture was to arrived but it came damaged and they told us that they’ll bring us a “new” one on the 21st. The product came damage as well and we want it fixed or a new one. The reason why we noticed it late is because the holidays were around and we were busy to check it until my mom recently was sweeping around the furniture! We believe that it’s the same product that came by the 18th! Note: the person who was handling our furniture dropped it once when he was bringing it out! He handled it very poorly. Instead of having two people to bring the product to our door, only one of them does thinking he’s strong enough to carry it on their own!

Lizel of Atlanta, GA Verified Reviewer Original review: Jan. 7, 2019

First their furniture is cheap and starts to fall apart. You call them for help and they say, “Sorry it’s been a year. You have no more warranty,” although it’s their fault that their furniture is falling apart. I bought the GBS Extended warranty and I regret it. Their customer service is terrible. I filed two claims. One I never received a call on the other after I sent them pictures. They said they didn’t cover it yet it took them over a week to let me know. I have learned my lesson and now it’s time to pass it onto you.

Ajith of Downingtown, PA Verified Reviewer Original review: Jan. 7, 2019

ASHLEY DELAWARE STORE – We are having a very hard time with getting our furniture delivered. Today is Jan 7th 2019. I had got the dining table set and the sectional sofa on November 18th 2018 and the sales rep had promised to deliver by the week of December 17th 2018 – almost a month’s time. Since I did not hear from them I called them up and the person told me that it’s delayed. Will only get it by end of the year. I had guest coming over for Christmas and had planned everything based on the delivery date. Till date they have not called me up to deliver. Terrible customer service. No communication. Never ever rely on what they say. Not to mention that they always overprice the stuff and put advertisements saying 50% off. ALMOST GOING TO BE TWO MONTHS NOW.

Maria of Bronx, NY Verified Reviewer Original review: Jan. 7, 2019

I am so frustrated with the horrible customer service I am receiving from Ashley right now. I had placed an order to be delivered on 12/27. The delivery team didn’t ring my bell, as my husband was home all day waiting. And now I’m told that I have to be charged again for delivery because there’s no reason to believe that the delivery men didn’t try to ring the bell and they have a picture of my front door? This doesn’t even make sense to me. I work in customer service and it doesn’t result in this type of behavior, I’m told I have 2 choices to cancel the order & lose my delivery fee already paid or pay again. I asked to speak to a supervisor/manager. There is none available on 2 separate occasions. The attitude & disrespect that I’m receiving is unacceptable. This last call literally the rep slammed the phone on my face when I said I would wait for a supervisor. I am disgusted right now, that this day in age this would be the result of an order.

Robert of Freeland, MI Verified Reviewer Original review: Jan. 7, 2019

My wife and I purchased a leather sofa from Ashley Furniture on a Saturday and made arrangements to pick it up the next day, Sunday. As we were about to leave the house to pick it up, we received a phone call from the salesperson saying they discovered a damaged (tear???) scrape on the backside towards the top. He said it would never be seen if the sofa was placed against a wall, which we were going to do anyway. He then offered to have it repaired, at their store location, but their repair person doesn’t work on Sundays. He said the repairs could be made the next day, Monday and that I could pick it up Monday afternoon. I requested to still pick it up Sunday and they make arrangements to have the repairs done at my house. This was best for me because I already had lined up people to help me bring it in my house Sunday.

Ben of Montgomery, TX Verified Reviewer Original review: Jan. 6, 2019

A piece of advice to general public about purchasing furniture from Ashley showrooms (stores): Never ever buy any piece (even at deep discount/sale prices) before checking the price of the same exact item on their website. You will be pleasantly surprised. However, my experience with this scam business has been that they take your money and when it comes to delivery they make you miserable to the point that you feel sorry you had to deal with this outfit. There are much better places to buy furniture, both online and offline. Don’t fall for Ashley scam.

Claire of Prescott, AZ Verified Reviewer Original review: Jan. 6, 2019

I made an online order of a bed frame and a dresser on Black Friday 2018. When the bed was delivered two weeks later the delivery men who set up the bed set it up and damaged the headboard beyond repair. We called Ashley to ask them what happened and what we could do about it and they said it was too late to have it returned because we only had 72 hours to return it. They also gave us the runaround for hours after waiting on hold. We asked for a manager multiple times and were hung up on twice.

Alan of Boca Raton, FL Verified Reviewer Original review: Jan. 5, 2019

We purchased two chairs and a loveseat and a rug from Ashley. The day the furniture arrived it began falling apart. The legs were not properly attached to the chairs or loveseat and were bent. One of the chairs was unusable immediately. The love seat legs were also not properly attached to the loveseat and bent. Ashley refused to give us full credit even though the furniture was totally defective. The quality was below poor. Fortunately we purchased the furniture using our American Express card. When Ashley refused to give us the credit for the defective furniture, American Express came to our aid. Ashley Furniture is of such poor quality and their assembly is so reckless and unchecked that buying furniture from Ashley is hazardous. I strongly recommend purchasing furniture elsewhere.

Sue of San Antonio, TX Verified Reviewer Original review: Jan. 5, 2019

I bought furniture on Dec 22 to be delivered Dec 28th. The delivery was short a media center and the delivery guy just said he didn’t have it and crossed it out of the delivery manifest. I tried calling Ashley at the phone number on the salespersons, CINDY **, business card which was the corporate number. I left messages for her on the 28th, 29th, 31st and the 4th. She finally called me on the 5th and stated that she had not gotten any of my “TEXTS” to her cell phone HOW do I leave a text on a cell number that was NOT given to me. She said that there were no messages left at her work!!! She also told me when I purchased the furniture that they would honor any online prices the first 30 days.

Monica of Canada Verified Reviewer Original review: Jan. 5, 2019

We were very excited about purchasing a new sectional sofa. We ordered on 11/24/18 and they promised to have it delivered on 12/15/18. Prior to delivery, they called to rescheduled on 12/22/18. Delivery day came and the delivery guys were lazy and unprofessional. They didn’t even try to get it fit on our doorway. So they took it back and declared unfit. Didn’t hear anything from them for a long time. Before the New Year, they called so that we can do reselect. But we don’t want to deal with them anymore. So today we called to cancel the order and they’re charging us 10% for a furniture that didn’t arrive at our place. It wasn’t our fault the delivery guys are so **. We order a sectional sofa at Bad Boys instead, delivered it on the day they promised. Delivery guys didn’t give us a hard time. I browsed the reviews’ sections and it was all the same, promised to delivered it on this day but they couldn’t keep it. No wonder they have 1star review. Not good!!!

William of New Port Richey, FL Verified Reviewer Original review: Jan. 5, 2019

Less than a STAR… We bought a new Tempur-Pedic bed in Nov 2018 from the Port Richey FL store. When we were in the store they told us we had a 90 day no questions asked return policy if we were not completely satisfied with the bed. We were told we had to purchase the mattress protector to have the 90 day guarantee. The bed was delivered on Dec 10th. However no mattress protector was delivered or given to us. We have called numerous times and told it was on back order. We were told someone was going to pick up one at a different store and they would call us back. No one called us back.

Deborah of Arcade, NY Verified Reviewer Original review: Jan. 5, 2019

We’ve bought over 30k in furniture in past years but recently purchased living room furniture has been nightmare. Bought on 11/17/2018 promised for 12/12/2018 then only got 2 recliners, today 1/5/2019 told have couch in Warehouse but truck is full and now won’t deliver until January 23rd. Woman named Kaitlyn wouldn’t let me speak w/ mgr although I asked several times. Then she said she is mgr. Wouldn’t give me her last name or transfer me to another mgr. We will never do business with you Ashley again… Never. By the way if you try to cancel your order for their nondelivery they charge to 12 percent restocking fee even though they didn’t have it in stock.

Candice of Longwood, FL Verified Reviewer Original review: Jan. 4, 2019

Nicole was excellent, very nice young lady. Very attentive to my needs, answered all my questions. Sorry to say I had to change my review from 5 stars to 1. Ashley promises next day delivery 7days a week, which is false advertising. I ordered a sectional Dec 19, delivery date was Dec 30th, then changed to January 3rd, and final delivery date January 19th at freaking month later. My kids and myself is now using chairs to watch TV in our living room due to Ashley’s poor customer service and not willing to resolve the issue. Now how many more sales and customers have they lost.

Mohammad of Canada Verified Reviewer Original review: Jan. 4, 2019

I bought several items from Ashley on Black Friday on Nov.23, 2018 but still I don’t receive them (Jan. 04) and they had promised for 2 weeks delivery and nobody doesn’t care when I called customer service.

Ada of Indianapolis, IN Verified Reviewer Original review: Jan. 4, 2019

We ordered furniture on 10/26/18, we were promised delivery on 12/6/18. Received a phone call 2 days prior to promised delivery date stating that it would not be delivered until 12/22/18, of which we received ONE PIECE! Then they promised the remaining portion would be delivered on 1/7/19. They called tonight and stated that delivery would not occur until 1/16/18. Then they are only sending ONE MORE PIECE!!! They’ve had my money, paid in full since 10/26/18 and I still don’t have my furniture!!! I’ve been into the store on three separate occasions and have false promises and bogus delivery dates!! In anticipation of our original promised delivery date, we disposed of our old furniture and have been sitting with NO FURNITURE SINCE 10/27/18! Poor customer service, poor communication, and they do not tell the truth!!!

Sherrette of Stafford, VA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer Original review: Jan. 4, 2019

Please be advised at the Ashley Furniture Home store in Fredericksburg, VA there something terribly intrinsically wrong with customer care service. I ordered a Bonita Springs Plush Mattress by salesperson James; he informed that they had the order. I inquired about delivery period and he said only two -3 days. He again said to me to expect the delivery by December 19, 2018. I took off work and missed an evening meeting waiting on the delivery, but they never showed up. I called the Customer care, talked to Sierra and Rose, and she told me the delivery is scheduled. They would call me. Salesperson kept promising delivery dates, I still did not have my mattress after James told that they would deliver on FRIDAY>SATURDAY>MONDAY.

Angrla of Jacksonville, FL Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer Original review: Jan. 3, 2019

I purchased several pieces of furniture in Sept 2018 with a promised delivery date in late October. Some of My furniture arrived in pieces. First my Tempur-Pedic bed only. Later, in November a portion of my sectional sofa that had an entire row of staples exposed, my Bolanburg coffee table with drawers that wouldn’t open properly and my Bolanburg XL TV stand with broken support pieces. I refused the tv stand and called the company about the other issues. They were very nice and stated they would replace the couch portion of the sectional and the coffee table. Weeks and weeks later I received the remaining pieces of my sectional and along with the replacement pieces and finally my Bolanburg king bed.

Dusty of Chattanooga, TN Verified Reviewer Original review: Jan. 3, 2019

Whatever you do, go somewhere else to buy your furniture. The quality is fine, but you will wait literally MONTHS for your order to arrive. You will receive text messages and emails and calls saying your items will arrive by a specific date, but when that day come, only part of your delivery will arrive. I have now had three delivery dates and have not received four of the pieces of furniture. The store manager claims not to know when the sudden backorder will be fulfilled. The sales associates will look you in the eye and lie to you about the ease and timing of delivery. Save yourself this headache. It’s not worth it. There are plenty of other places that sell furniture in Chattanooga. This is not the place. Do yourself a favor. No one wants to deal with the Ashley Furniture Homestore on Gunbarrel Rd. Never again.

Jennifer of Maineville, OH Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer Original review: Jan. 3, 2019

The furniture I purchased had problems from the beginning and I kept calling customer service with issues. Fabric stretching on seat and back and not holding its shape, tears in fabric, ottoman’s top cushion not staying on top, kept sliding over the side, back cushions didn’t have enough polyfill so they didn’t retain their shape. They always had different responses about the problems I was having. My pieces were from overseas and it would take months to repair. My pieces weren’t properly coded so that I could get a replacement, that’s normal wear. My calls were never returned, and when I called it was always “I do apologize” every single time. I was the one calling relentlessly for an entire year only to have a technician come out 3 times to try to fix the problem and him actually tell me that it wasn’t going to help, it was how it was made.

Michael of Woodridge, IL Verified Reviewer Original review: Jan. 3, 2019

We purchased two Santa Fe recliners. We love the chairs but after one year of use one of them will not go back to its upright position, the foot rest jams open and we have to manually shake it around to get it to close. We bought the chairs in 2015 and they were stored in our basement until November 2017 and installed after we finished remodeling. When I called Ashley Furniture to see about having it repaired I discovered their warranty is one year on labor and 5 years on parts. Meaning I have to fix it with supplied parts. This is what my EXTENDED warranty covers.

Wendy of Cypress, TX Verified Reviewer Original review: Jan. 2, 2019

Ordered four dining chairs from the Katy store, THREE were delivered wobbly. Had to call and schedule a tech to come out to fix them. Tech first blamed it on our floor, saying it is uneven, then tried told us he’s gonna sand the other three legs down to make them the same length… We refused to let him sand them down and called customer service to let them know we’re returning the chairs. They said they’d call us back within a week to schedule a pickup… Fast forward 1 month, no call back, the nightstands we were waiting for delivery NEVER got delivered. I’ve been calling every day, nobody answers, so I leave my number for call-back on their automated system, and nobody has called me back. I call the store, and am told there’s nothing they could do, and to keep calling customer service. It’s been over two weeks of calling, re-calling, and waiting like a fool for a call back. STILL WAITING…

Heather of La Mirada, CA Verified Reviewer Original review: Dec. 31, 2018

Corporate called to “TELL” us delivery would be on a Thursday between 8-12. No options given, and no flexibility whatsoever! We tried to request a afternoon window, which they then moved our delivery out to a Sunday. We paid in full this, and want our furniture but they would not work with us. Called the store manager which told us to call Corporate! And offer a $50 gift card. Ridiculous they will not give options for delivery, then just move your furniture out 3 more days!!! I will never purchase from them, and will stick with Living Spaces that offer SAME Day delivery!

Sonja of Douglass, KS Verified Reviewer Original review: Dec. 30, 2018

We purchased living room furniture. $3,000 worth of supposed Italian leather furniture. Within six months the leather turned into discoloration. Leather turned yellow and spotty yellow. Informed the store and they said this quote “What do you want us to do about it?” They stated that it was probably because the sun was hitting it. And that was not the case but they did not believe me. So because of that we have $3,000 furniture that looks like crap. And they did not care.

ERIC of Moreno Valley, CA Verified Reviewer Original review: Dec. 29, 2018

Store manager Jorge **, has terrible customer service skills. Will not help you at all, stay away from this store. I am still waiting for my delivery for over two months. Asked to speak to his boss from Patricia **.

Ira of Englishtown, NJ Verified Reviewer Original review: Dec. 29, 2018

I bought a sectional – spent 2,000 – that broke in 6 months. Called their customer service multiple times. Finally they returned my call. Replaced sofa that broke again! Called customer service who never returned my call! Stay away. They shouldn’t be in business! Don’t waste your money!

John of Jupiter, FL Verified Reviewer Original review: Dec. 28, 2018

This has been the WORST experience I have ever had! I had a bedroom set ($2500.00) delivered to my home that was not functional. The delivery drivers called the shop and handed the phone to my wife. She explained the problems (doors, not opening, draws not opening). She was assured that someone would come out to repair or replace said items. As it turns out, a ticket WAS NEVER OPENED! I have spent 4 or so hours on hold to try and get a resolution of these issues. And as I write this review I am on hold again 25 mins and 54 seconds. I would encourage anyone who is looking to buy quality furniture to go somewhere else! You get what you pay for and this by far is the WORST company on the face of the planet.

Christine of Stanford, KY Verified Reviewer Original review: Dec. 28, 2018

We purchased over $11000 of furniture at Ashley less than a year ago and were pressured by the Lexington KY store manager to purchase a furniture protection plan (which is outsourced and shady) for $842. In less than a year 3 items needed repairs – a broken chair frame, broken chair leg and a tear in a leather chair. These items rarely were used so had minimal wear. Of courses that Protection plan doesn’t cover anything – do not waste your money. Ashley stole $842 from us by insisting this plan was necessary knowing all along that it mostly covers fabric – the majority of our items are wooden. Also don’t be fooled – although you can find Ashley stores in other states they are individually franchised which means they don’t stand by their product once you move to another state. There are over 2000 bad complaints against Ashley. Wish I would have read them. Chose another store!!! One that you can trust and one that has integrity.

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A large selection of affordable quality designs. Shop online or in one of their 600 stores across the United States.

High-tech fabrics: Durapella® and Duraplush™ are made from durable and stain-resistant polyester suede.

Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty on frames, varying warranties on cushions, springs, sleeper mechanisms, leather and upholstery.

Shipping: Standard shipping and in-home delivery options. Returns: Eligible items may be returned if unused and with original parts and accessories.